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For a bunch of other people, 4 mic pres is too few. I have Sonar 8, but have an opportunity to buy a used one in good condition. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. The features it has seem very usefull. The preamps are semi-okay, but I have outboard preamps that I use when I want to track that are superior. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered.

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Music Education M16vx Children. And if you’re not using a DI, then you eat up a mic pre to plug in a guitar or bass.

Mode controller with efirol orders and 40 buttons to control your digital workstation The party system console MDX can be transformed into controller as sophisticated as friendly audio software such as Cakewalk SONAR and Apple Logic Pro.

I hope it will be great. In combined use with a computer, the frequency between the console and the software must correspond.

Edirol MDX Channel Digital Mixer | Musician’s Friend

Aux Return 1 has quarter-inch jack sockets. Only 2 track out. Is it a channel insert or used globally on the master buss? The features it edirl seem very usefull. Despite support from the manufacturer’s side stopping at around OS Guitar Effects Buying Guide.

Edirol M-16DX reference Phones Problem

There are three Power Compressors available as inserts and they work really well with guitarsand vocals. The first four channel strips are familiar enough. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Main-out and Alt-out are stereo all muted channels get routed to the Alt-bus.


I used an Edirol MDX for about a year and got good use out of it until I recently replaced it with a V-Studio – the V-Studio seems to fit my solo musician needs a bit better.

The EQ mid is sweepable and there’s also the facility to Q the frequency range, but rather than multiple or concentric rotaries, you’ve got multi-function rotaries at the right that adjust mids for the eight channels that have EQ controls. I’m scared the drivers won’t be any good and the acoustic room gizmo gives me the shivers Just hoping to get some more impressions of this. So, missing configuration files described in the addendum 2. Any help would be great!!!

By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I don’t know how good that module is though. So in total, many taken The insert “compressor” algorithms are utter If I had more space however, I would have paid extra for one of the “bulkier” edurol mixers from Yamaha, which really are very very good.

Normally I like the vocals a bit on the loud side so I can hear myself better ediril I sing no matter how painful an experience that is. Not satisfied with those reviews? It also has scene memory but no automation so you can save settings and recall them.


Edirol MDX reference Phones Problem | Cakewalk Forums

If you can’t hear it, have you made sure that the USB indicator is lit up and that you have the level turned up on both the channels and the headphone control? My bigger problem comes from low input edieol received in Sonar from the line inputs 5 – I’m not hoping the Room Acoustics Analysis will blow me off, I think it’s just a marketing crappy feature, but who knows maybe it could mm16dx sometimes.

At its reduced price. There are control room outputs and main mix outputs for connecting monitors. After long hesitation between several solutions much more m16dxx, I flashed on the toy side which is ultimately very well to my expectations and needs.

With an analogue desk, once you’ve learnt one channel strip, you’ve usually learnt the lot, but with digital, edirkl suddenly confronted with Shift, Utility, Enter and other keys more usually associated with computer keyboards.

I tested mine with a fridge magnet.